We’d like to highlight an urgent Malware Alert

A virus Ransomware attacked thousands of PCs in the world starting on Friday, extending over the weekend. In simple terms, a ransomware encrypts your files so you can’t access them, then makes a demand (in this case $300 in Bitcoins), before allowing you access to those files. In Kenya, a number of PCs have been affected.


What are the three things you can do NOW and progressively going forward.

  1. Update your PC immediately.
    Microsoft released a Windows patch in March this year in anticipation of such an attack. Windows Updates will seal the loophole being exploited.
  2. Backup your files urgently.
    Save your files on an external disk or on a cloud service. But definitely not ON your PCs. Once encrypted, you will have no other way to access the files.
  3. Install and update your antivirus.
    An anti virus software may pick up the malware before it takes effect. However, once it takes effect, DO NOT clean the malware via the anti-virus. You will have completely lost the files.

Please don’t take this lightly.