The Cornel Story

CORNEL has had an exciting journey. Yet from its inception in 2009, Cornel Solutions has had but one focus – Timeless Designs, Timely Delivery

Through our various interactions, we have taken note that for an organization to succeed, it needs to stand out from the crowd. Its offerings need to pop above the rest of the fray. Its outlook should complement its ideals.

We want YOU to reach your potential, to impress your prospectives, to charm you contacts. And so in all the web solutions we develop, the designs we lay out, the social media strategies we execute, we earnestly seek to offer you a pleasant experience.

Our business, is in making exciting discoveries; learning new ways to enhance business communications – B2B, B2C; to improve the way YOU serve your clients. And it is our hope that you will accord us the opportunity to serve you.

A web of solutions

In the pursuit of improved business communication, we have packaged our solutions in three disciplines.

Any new company soon seeks a piece of the internet estate as it does a physical address. We have worked to extend the web presence of our clients and further to viable and relevant social media channels.

Web Apps & Solutions

The business landscape is shifting: at once going global full throttle, yet now seeking the allure of localized markets. We integrate marketing, brand realignment & development, in offering you a pathway to brand excellence!

More on Brand Consulting

Our web solutions are coupled with Web Server Management, ensuring your online space is secure, reliable, and meets your business needs. From VPS servers to web hosting platforms and even Private Backup Cloud.

Web Server Management
  • Elimu Yetu Coalition
    Janet Muthoni-Ouko
    Cornel has been handling our web services since October of 2012 - developing new web platforms for our engagement, upgrading the current website and offering maintenance and support for our email & web hosting needs. Due to their astute service, we have awarded them a new consultancy to develop a data-intensive web portal for our organization a and associated partners. We therefore recommend them to you for web-related services. Reference Letter Dated: 31st May 2013
  • Home Afrika Ltd
    Natasha C Murgor
    It is with much enthusiasm that I write to recommend the services of Cornel Solutions Ltd. I have worked with Cornel Solution for the past two years, and have always been completely satisfied with their graphic design and print work. James Mwaniki, the founder of Cornel has been a pleasure to work with, bringing his attention to detail in every assignment. He is keen on giving the client the best service and quality work. His communication and people skills are excellent, and he has some very innovative ideas. I'm happy to recommend the services of Cornel Solutions Ltd. If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact me. Reference Letter Dated: 17th Oct 2017
  • Triple OK Law
    Annie Waceke Kamau
    We confirm that Cornel has been handling our email stationery design as well as general ICT Consultancy services. They have shown great understanding of our needs and have interacted with us in cordial relations. We therefore recommend them. Reference Letter Dated: 12th Mar 2014
  • Design Source
    Arch Emma Miloyo
    I have been acquainted with Cornel Solutions for over three years, in their capacity as web developers for our firm. They overhauled our website, and have been responsible for its ongoing maintenance. James, the lead developer, is easy to work with, thinks creatively, and effectively communicates his ideas. He has been a true game-changer in identifying and taking advantage of trends in web / online technology and thus, he has my endorsement. Reference Letter Dated: 8th Aug 207
  • McKay Advocates
    Eric Kivuva, McKay Advocates
    We have been acquainted with Cornel Solutions for two years, in their capacity as brand consultant and web developer for our law firm. James, the lead developer has also been instrumental in helping us define our brand strategy, and worked on implementing it. He is easy to work with, creative, well-articulate. Reference Letter Dated: 17th August 2017
  • Igeria & Ngugi Adv
    Arthur K Igeria
    The above company has been handling our stationery design and printing requirements - developing and refreshing our brand layout, as well as general ICT consultancy services. We have utilized their services since Aug of 2008 and have no hesitation in recommending them to you for graphic design and stationery printing services. Do not hesitate to contact us for any other clarification. Reference Letter Dated: 21st Feb 2014