Structured Cabling

Network / Structured Cabling

Well grounded

Over the years, cabling installations have evolved from proprietary systems to be flexible, open solutions that can be used by many vendors and devices. This change is the result of the adaptation of standards-based, structured cabling systems.

Over the years, we have laid out network cables for firms and managed the servers and devices. We extended the expertise we have in web hosting server management, bringing renown global skills to the local setup.


We have continued to partner with Architects and Contractors who are building and renovating office fit outs, conference centers and commercial locations. We can present consortium bids with you, to further extend your expertise.

Working from home (WFH)

In this era of WFH, companies have found the need to bolster the security of the servers, and especially as they look to being adaptable to various co-working locations. We have ensured law firms continue with their court sessions even while away from the office, and insurance claims proceed without disruptions.

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