Website & Web Apps Development

It’s amazing how much has happened in the three decades the Internet has been around, and how much is pegged on it for the coming generations. Any new company soon seeks a piece of the internet estate as it does a physical address. We have worked to extend the web presence of our clients and further to viable and relevant social media channels. 

General Website Development

We’d love to make you an awesome website. A web store perhaps, where you can sell and be paid online. A great portfolio of your work. A repository of data you collect. A simple company site. We have a history of delivering creative designs for online & print media. From social media set up & regular campaigns, to print publications.

We have worked to extend the web presence of our clients to viable and relevant social media channels. We deploy design elements that accentuate the web experience, as well as assist you in creating a staff policy for engaging in the platforms.

  • Company Websites
  • Member-based websites
  • Blogs and News based websites

E-Commerce Solution

Amazon and Alibaba are the largest sellers of merchandise. And until recently, they never had a brick-and-mortar shop – just warehouses and suppliers. E-Commerce is not a concept anymore. Businesses have been built around e-commerce, while others have included e-commerce into their strategy. What will work for your firm?

  • E-Commerce website – for fashion, mobile, crafts, subscription based website or any other kind of online sales
  • Payment Gateways – How to get paid online
  • e-Marketing tools – newsletters // email marketing

Email Marketing Solutions

The first online ad was published by as they tried to launch online email service. Since then, many companies have reaped bountifully from online and later email marketing initiatives. Even with the growth of social media, email communication is still high, and remains one of the most effective marketing channels.

  • Email newsletters
  • Email ad campaigns
  • Seasonal greetings
  • Subscription sales

Social Media Assets & Strategy

Web presence now involves multiple channels! Your clients are on the web, tweeting useful threads, holding webinars, watching videos; in effect, they live on the interwebs. Communication channels are now a dozen a dime! The traditional media (radio / TV / print) never left the field when online media came to the scene. As a company seeking the audience of the world, it is both easier and complex to have your “word of mouth” strategy go “viral”.

So what channels do you prioritize, which do you totally ignore? Our soc-media strategy package will develop assets that your firm can utilize in engaging online. We’ll help you set out a strategy for your firm’s digital existence, and walk with you in the execution.

Web Apps

Being online is not limited to companies showcasing their profile and portfolio. You can improve your operations by utilizing various web applications. Or have custom-built web apps that tackle your unique business processes.

  • CRM – Client relationships manager
  • ERP – Billing, Stock Control, e-Payments,
  • HR – HIring, Staff management
  • Intranet – internal social network / portal