Over 700mn LinkedIN profiles have been scrapped in May / June. AGAIN. Not hacked, scrapped. This follows the Mar / Apr scrapping of 500mn accounts. This follows a similar scrapping of data from Facebook and other leading social media platforms in the year.

What’s the difference between hacking and scrapping? Hacking involves accessing the actual LinkedIN servers, but scrapping involves collecting LinkedIN related data from various other apps connected to your profile. Hackers often collect credit card details, passwords and other server-specific data, while scrappers collect peripheral info, though still posing great risks.

The risks: The datasets scrapped includes your geo-location, phone numbers, emails & all that could “build” a similar profile as you have. The most common use would be email scamming / phishing where someone pretends to be like you with utmost accuracy.

I strongly suggest you change your password and review the apps that you’ve allowed access to your LinkedIN profile. Apps offering services in resume building, job applications etc, need to be keenly reviewed, even cancelled for the time being. You also need to be keen in responding to emails – there will be a barrage of phishing emails coming our way with very convincing details.

If you need assistance to review your data security credentials, do not hesitate to contact us.