Or in technical lingo, SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Building a website is akin to getting your business structures in order – but still not getting customers calling on you. Getting your SEO in order is like making sure your phone number is available to anyone seeking info about your industry – not just getting your name out there, but getting it out there at the moment someone is searching your kind of service.

When building websites, we are keen to follow a set of guidelines to ensure your website is optimized for search engines. But we are well aware that SEO involves other factors as well. So what are are the guidelines we use? I have included the main write up as a PDF download at the end, but here’s the summary.

Summary of the Guideline

  • Content is King – The search algorithms often get updated, but the basic mechanism remains – search engines want to show the most relevant result, fastest.
  • Proper Structure – Your website needs to be well structured. This helps search engines know what pages contain, where to go next, and such.
  • Testimonials and Reviews – Encourage as many organic reviews and testimonials as possible.
  • Build up site visits – Find ways to encourage site visits to your website – freebies, challenges, humor and definitely by having engaging content. Again, organic visits, as search engines are getting clever in ascertining bought traffic!
  • Use webmaster tools – a means to better define what your website is about, and related tools – offered by the main search engines. We use Google & Bing Webmaster tools, seeing as they control 86.4% of the market share.
  • Get linked from various other sites – general & industry-based directories, other sites you own, from other related websites, Google Places listing, Google Plus Local, Yahoo directory, Yelp and local government listings
  • Be social – being active on social media channels, especially those relating to where your audience will be found. Secondly, make sharing info from your website to social media easy – buttons, requests, comments.
  • Keep your site virus / malware free – Nothing gets you removed from the results page faster than having malware on your website.

Here’s our more detailed SEO Info Sheet – the guideline we use in optimizing your website for better search results.

If you’d want to have an audit of your web presence, and receive customized action-points that will improve your web search ranking, call on us thru our contacts page.